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Ambassador Program

Great American RV Ambassadors

The Adventure Bones

The Adventure Bones

Darren & Amanda Bone

We are the Bone family from South Louisiana. In June of 2021, we sold (and risked) it all to fulfill a lifelong dream of ours. Yep, we chose to live in an RV full-time with 3 kids, 2 dogs and a hamster! There's just something so fulfilling about seeing the world through your children's eyes. Travel along with us as we show you the ends and outs of rv life, homeschooling, and diy-rv style.

The Adventure Bones

The Precht Family

Kelly & Corrie Precht

As a powered parachute (PPC) pilot, Kelly Precht loves the freedom of the open air and exploring destinations from a new perspective. Their Class A motorhome has allowed them to embrace the freedom of the open road and travel across the country for fly-ins. From New York to California to their home base in Louisiana, the Precht family loves to set up camp with friends and take to the skies.