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Hammond, LA Sales Service
Breaux Bridge, LA Sales Service
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Calera, AL Sales Service
Grand Bay, AL Sales Service
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Congrats On Your RV Purchase

Thank you for choosing and trusting Great American RV SuperStores as your RV Dealer! We are excited that you’ve found the perfect RV for you!

Our Title/Registration Specialists are here to ensure that the process for registering and titling your RV is handled as seamlessly as possible.

If your purchase was:









Title Work will be completed after Great American RV receives the funding notification from your new lienholder. This can take up to 10 business days.

All anticipated paperwork will be completed, notarized and submitted to your county or state DMV, dependent upon your state’s requirements. Great American RV will remit the taxes collected to the proper county or DMV. We do our best at the time of sale to collect the exact amount that should be remitted. Please remember that any difference in taxes will be customer responsibility. Should there be any overage in what was collected a refund will be issued to your lienholder by the county/DMV or Great American RV if the funds are returned to us.


It is our goal to have this process completed and title work delivered to your county office within 30 days of your purchase, when possible.



Paid In Full


If there is no lienholder linked to your purchase, the process is usually completed in less than 30 days.  If we did not collect taxes, then your registration packet will be sent directly to you so that you may go to your local registration office to remit taxes and complete registration.


For our customers who purchased out of state. Please review the following special circumstances in case this applies to you.                                   

If you are a resident of:


Alabama or Mississippi

You are required to visit your tag office to have your title work processed for an out of state purchase




All title work is sent to Auburn, CA. You are required to have a CA VIN Verification and most times a Smog Inspection completed in order to complete registration. You can learn more by clicking here.



A Colorado Vin Inspection is required on out of state purchases on used RVs.  You will receive a text or email from Great American RV letting you know where your paperwork was sent. The inspection form will need to be sent by you to that office.



You are required to have the following items completed to turn into your county:

·       A VIN Inspection Report

·       A weight slip on any Used RV purchased

Completing these items and turning them in are your responsibility. Click Here for more.



If your unit was purchased outside of the state of Florida, you will need to complete a Florida Verification Form before paperwork can be processed. You will receive a text or email from Great American RV with instructions of where to send the form.


We understand that you may have more questions or extenuating circumstances may present themselves. We are here to help and answer any questions that you may have.

Should you need to contact us, emailing us at title@garv.net works best. All contact information is listed below, providing you with more than one channel of communication to reach us. Phone calls will be returned as quickly as possible in the order that they were received. When contacting us, please let us know the location where your purchase was made and the state where your RV will be registered.

Thank you again for your business and Happy Camping!

Great American RV’s Title/Registration Support

Email: title@garv.net

Call or Text: 985-269-0364

Fax: 225-570-4144